norcold fridge model 662 not working on butane

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Mar 28, 2012
technically speaking, not a new subject. this problem has been on-going for some time. down here in belize spare parts and solutions take time...
ok the situation is as follows. we have a Norcold fridge which works fine on off shore ac but not on butane.
we have installed a new eyebrow board but still not working when we switch to LP.
The butane lights for a few seconds, then the 'check' light comes on. we have done the full 30 point electrical check as per repair manual, and all voltages etc appear normal. we also cleaned all terminals.
The only clue we may have is that when the butane ignites the ignition spark keeps sparking. and after a few seconds the butane shuts off. 
could the ignition module be faulty  OR any other ideas very welcome.
The igniter will go off when the thermocouple senses enough heat to decide the unit has safely lit. Make sure it is in the center of the flame and you should be able to see it start glowing. If the control board does not get the sensor's signal from the thermocouple after so many seconds it will shut the gas and igniter off and illuminate the check light.

I would probably change out the thermocouple before the control board. (Troubleshoot the lowest cost first).
Are you in fact using butane (c-4) and not propane (c-3).  That may be your problem both have diff end b.t.u. values.
Butane is commonly used in hotter climates because it's vaporization temperature is mores suitable for higher ambient temp usage.  It burns just fine in a fridge or water heater. In fact, most LPG sold in the southern US is a blend of propane and butane (which is why it is called LPG rather than "propane").

The issue here seems to be that the controller is not detecting that the gas flame has lit, so it shuts off the gas flow as a safety measure. That points to the flame sensor (which is also the igniter), the wire to the controller, or the controller itself. Even a tiny bit of corrosion on the wire will stop the flame sense signal, which is a very weak voltage under the best of conditions..
I have a Norcold model 682.  The check light is on all the time, even when it is turned off. Any ideas what the problem could be?  Mike

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