NOTICE for Missing Vets

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Aug 19, 2005
I know this is an RV Forum and a good one at that. So I hope I don't up=set anyone by the following. Some years back I was searching the internet for some  Military websites as the internet was new too me. As it turned out I found some of my old Military pals were looking for me. No not to pay them back for all of the loans I made. But just here from me and how life had been and most importantly to WELCOME ME BACK HOME.  First time I had cry-ed in 30 years wow... So just in case your a vet from NAM "WELCOME HOME" youmay have a few friends left who would like to say hi. You may have not have been a Dog Handler but you may find part of your old military unit at:  or 

WELCOME HOME and Thanks for the time here at RV FORUM COMMUNITY.
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