Odd Electrical Problem

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Mar 16, 2014
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Gary, I remember in the mid- 1990's and RV park owners were complaining about the anticipated cost of installing "100A power pedestals", which we commonly refer to as 50A service.
The owner of Stone Mountain RV park was beside himself at having to install new underground 100A service for the new MH's being built.


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Nov 22, 2010
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I realize there is a popular misconception about power outlet capacity, but think calling it fraudulent is hyperbole. I don't know of any standardized definition of the actual amp capacity of a "50A hook-up". Or 30A hookup either. You may be shocked to learn that you aren't guaranteed to be able to get 15A from a 15A outlet either. Even in your own home.

This is analogous to the TV screen size kerfunkle, where some felt they had been defrauded because they didn't understand the measurement was (and still is) diagonal.
Of course I may not get the full nominal 15 amps from a 15 amp outlet depending on what else is in use with other outlets sharing the same breaker, but I would certainly expect a nominal 15 amps from 15 amp breaker, ignoring any derating from the NEC allowed 80% rule. In properly wired RV parks, a single 50 amp 120/240 NEMA 14-50 outlet is served by it's own dedicated 50 amp double breaker that should provide the full rated capacity within the breaker's tolerance rating.

If a park advertises 50 amp service and only supplies 30 amp service, then yes, I consider that fraudulent advertising.
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Jan 19, 2018
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I am so lost. I’m beginning to think that I had my meter in “Ohms” checking the voltage, although as an electronics tech, I know better.
Did a relay stick, and cycling power cause it to reset?
I dont beleive your meter was on ohms. The reality check was the radio did not work (First test). If/when it happens again I would look at the converter. I believe the reboot of power has resolved your issue, at least for now. I would contact the converter tech support and ask if the converter needs to be connected to a battery to make 12 volts? Everything is getting smarter. If it is a smart converter, what does the converter need to be energize from both the AC and DC side. Such as polarity? volts? impedance? harmonics, etc.. Some of these tech support questions are deeper than needed but it gives you a good idea on the logic if any inside of the converter. If it fails again you will have places to look. Let us know what you find. These are great learning oportunities, aka PITA problems LOL good luck. Dennis
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