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How many of you cook like me -  When you have leftovers that need to be consumed, you see what's  available in the kitchen, come up with an idea, than add a little of this 'n that, a bit of one spice, then another, and mostly end up with a pretty tasty result?

What are your best off-the-cuff recipes for left-overs?

Last night I made one that astounded me, it was that good.  I cooked a roast duck for New Years Eve and had leftovers.  Here's the "recipe" I came up with:

Left-over Duck Salad.

1 Salad Bag of Field Greens with Carrots.
1 Bag of Seedless Green Grapes
1 can of Mandarin Oranges
Leftover Duck - chopped into large bite-size pieces  (about 4-6 oz of duck)
Salt & Pepper.
LiteHouse Ranch Dressing

I'm serving 2 people, so divided the Field Greens between two plates.
Added 2-3 handfuls of grapes to each plate.  (Sprinkle across the salad)
Split the can of Mandarin oranges between the two plates. (Sprinkle across the salad)
Salt & Pepper over the top
Warmed the duck in the microwave (Reheat on low about 90 seconds).
Split the duck between the two plates. (Sprinkle across the Salad)
Drizzle with LiteHouse Ranch Dressing.



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Aug 11, 2006
Leftover steaks often get chopped up and added to scrambled eggs.
Steaks also get chopped up and added to cream cheese with garlic salt and green onion for a cheese spread.

Grilled chicken turns into a yummy chicken salad.

When I cook pork chops I cut the centers out for serving.  I save the cooked edges with fat to use when cooking blackeyed peas.

Leftover turkey breast slices get wrapped around brocolli and covered with mornay sauce.

Many times I have added chili powder to leftover meat sauce, and made tacos with it the next day.

My favorite leftover is fried shrimp.  Put it on a hamburger bun with lettuce and tartar sauce for a great sandwich.  Sometimes I reheat the shrimp, sometimes not.

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