OK, Anyone heard of a Four Winds 5000 mini MH? Whats your opinion?

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Nov 21, 2006
Ok, Its me again, I was originally looking for a Class A but I stumbled across a 1994 Four Winds 5000 for the affordable price we have been looking for. Anyone heard of the FourWinds Mini MH and what do you know about it?

Who makes the four winds???

This mini MH is in great shape and only 26000 miles on it. The current owner is the third owner who is selling to go full time in a larger MH. He sold his house and is ready for full time RVing. He tells me he bought it from a older couple that had bought it but never used it, the man got sick and couldnt travel so it sat for about 5 years untill the current owner bought it a year and a half ago.

It is on a chevy 454 chassis,everything works like new and it looks like new. Anyone know if there was ever bad issues with the four winds 5000 model??

Thanks again folks , I am getting real good advice here and it does help a first timer.
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