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Jan 13, 2019
hi all. gary here in arizona.
been hauling race bikes around for years in a wanderer toy hauler.

that was great but not "camping" or boon-docking or any such.
have done several 10 day trips out with my dog in desert and mountains.
great fun.
BUT  now i actually use the thing, seems every time out i have to replace or fix something.
i am a ol race mechanic so have been doing things as they go.
still, something to do  i guess. lol  see ya..
Hi Gary and welcome to The RV Forum. I suspect your race mechanic experience comes in useful when things on the RV need fixing.
thanks Tom.
it sure has. and also you tube and internet for the specs.
I have been through every major system in last 3 years.

have a fun one with some furnace wiring (previous owner)
is how I found this site.
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