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Jun 24, 2022
Corvallis OR
Happy Sunday Mobile Warriors! My name's Ric and I've been wrenching, rodding, and racing since the 80's. You'll find "87octane" all over the high performance bulletin boards since Al Gore first invented the interwebs. (Which amuses the heck outta me seeing as I was working on DARPAnet as a young Marine Corps officer in the late 80's before Yahoo and AOL even existed, before enthusiast forums, just blood, sweat and tears trackside and back at the shop to get the car back to the track next weekend. Learning the hard way...) So to me an RV is more a way to avoid hotel parking lots while laying on my back under a car in Pit Lane late Sat night furiously swapping out a blown gearbox or swapping the hot motor in for Sunday's heat after sorting out the chassis. RV'ing isn't a lifestyle, it's a tool to facilitate a lifestyle, right next to my torque wrench, antisieze, and laptop for tuning the digital fuel injection. So it's to be expected that I always have a dozen more projects than I can get to while I'm hearing the siren's song enticing me to the next project. At the end of the day, to me an RV is mechanically a race car with a condominium attached. Woodworking scares me, metalworking, electricity, programmable logic controllers do not. Cheers!


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Mar 4, 2019
SE - Mich
You can expect help here but quite honestly other than RV specifics, I don't know what we can provide that you don't already have a good grasp off.....
I used my coach for the racing sailboat business that died during the Obama recession, so I know the drill. Not only was she a tool crib and a meeting room, but also am electronic instrument shop, diner and occasional motel. (Nice to have a shower right there and clean clothes.) For some reason, clients did not want to haul a ~30' 5 ton boat to my shop.....
I did race cars at one time too. The memory of building the race engine in the back of the van that was towing the race car on the way to the track is still vivid.
A great dream (never filled) was to be ready to race at 5PM Friday.
Let's just say that you are among friends here and if you can relate the question to RV workings, answers should be fast and easy.


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Dec 28, 2017
Dover, DE & Mouth of Wilson, VA
I used my coach for the racing sailboat business that died during the Obama recession, so I know the drill
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Jun 29, 2022
Inlet Beach florida
New recession starting now. I just retired from real estate appraising in florida. Real estate market is starting to slow prices are coming down and loans are getting harder to get especially on highend housing. I have a 71 dodge challenger that I just now got running after working on it for 15 years. Haven't racing but done a lot of wrenching. Wife kept asking when will it run. I told her it's a hobby car not for driving. Ha ha. took for a ride the other day. All smiles


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May 15, 2020
NorthCentral Florida
Welcome to the forum. Lots of kindred spirits here.

You were close when you said an RV is a race car with a condominium attached to it.

You'll find it's more a school bus with a crappy house attached to it.

There shouldn't be anything that fails (and it will) on an RV that you can't handle. Probably the only twist will be the hybrid DC and AC power systems.
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