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I replace my Next Exit about every 3 years. I have three books that I use for traveling and planning trips. #1 Road Atlas (ripped apart, placed in sheet protectors and placed in a large loose leaf binder so I can write notes and routes on the sheet protector with wet erase markers), #2 Truckers Atlas and #3 Next Exit (ripped apart, placed in sheet protectors and placed in a large loose leaf binder so I can write notes on the sheet protector with wet erase markers). I replace one of the books every year. Rotating thru means each book is replaced every three years. The books in the loose leaf binders have the relevant pages for the planned trip shifted into another binder to make it easier to follow while traveling. I review my travel route every night in case I need to make adjustments. I don't blindly follow a GPS.

The Next Exit is for Interstate Exits. But since I prefer to travel US and State Roads (SR), I tend to cross Interstates rather than travel on them. The Next Exit is wonderful for letting me know what is at the intersection of the Interstate and the US/SR or at an exit just a few miles from the intersection. In the SW, there is a lot of distance between inhabited exits. Unlike back "East" where there is a place to get fuel at almost every exit.
A friend had one, and I browsed it a bit. It could be useful.

I was reading comments on the web site, and it got me to thinking. Do you ever wonder, when reading buyer/user comments, which are genuine and which are dreamed up by the seller/vendor?
Especially now, with AI getting in the game.

I am thinking it is time for a new game.
Go to a website for some product, and read through the comments, to see if you can pick out the ones generated by AI.

I'll start.
This is from "The Next Exit" website:
"The purchase experience was quickly executed. The layout and new features of the book are extremely useful. Can't wait for the app to finish production and become serviceable."

Human, or AI?
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I prefer Interstates for long haul because all vehicles on your side are going in the same direction ( legally),,2. between cities there are more services along the way than lonely side roads,3. Many times there are more travelers in the event you have a mechanical problem and need assistance..>>>Dan
If it's useful and accurate,, who cares how it's generated?.>>>Dan
How useful would you consider AI Generated text for Rating a product you are considering purchasing?
Me, personally, When I look for product reviews, I prefer the opinions of actual humans who have sampled the product.

And, I'm really sorry that someone stole your sense of humor.
Hope you find it, soon.

Happy travels.
I have I exit on my phone. I don't know if it's tied in with next exit but pretty similar.

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