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Sold the house today and only have until 12/15 to vacate.  Large all brick 4br 3ba 2kit (up & dn) huge DinR, 28 x 26 Fam R., Sun Rm, Hothouse rm,  Large hottub w/10x12 room,  2car gar, Large barn , huge  util rm, 13x9 comp rm.  Moving into the 37'Pace Arrow with a 24'enclosed trailer, Linc Town Car s/s.  Talk about downsizing and moving all in 2 wks.  the guy plunked down the cash and I said OK  AZ here I come.  Will stay till Xmas and then pull out.  Will live in the RV at a friends.  Will store the other Linc and P/U till spring when we return and pickup what stuff we want to keep and auction off the rest.  Going to put everything in to pods  1 to sell and 1 to keep.  New owner wants to buy most  of the equip. and tools (big stuff)    looking forward to the move and get out of the cold weather here in IL this winter. Where we going to put all this stuff?  We'll buy something in AZ and move around in the RV too. At 71 if I don't do it now I might not make it.  Hope to see some of you along the road.
Congratulations on the sale of your house.  Sounds like you have a couple busy weeks ahead of you.  Any chance you will get to AZ in time to join us at the RV Forum Quartzsite Rally?
Congratulations on selling the house and becoming a fulltimer. You're in very good company.
Can't say for sure if we will make it to the Q or not as of yet.  Was there  briefly in July and it still had quite a few people there. Explained to the Boss that Jan-Feb will be wall to wall as far as you can see. She doesn't believe me, naturally. But  hoping we can make it.  Not sure where we will settle,  Perhaps Hot Springs Village,  love it there.
Arkansas  in Hot Springs National Park is Hot Springs Village.
Albslb2 said:
Arkansas? in Hot Springs National Park is Hot Springs Village.

I have heard of that Hot Springs in Arkansas.  Had a friend that wanted to settle in that area when he retired.  Don't know if he ever did.

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