Onan 3600 lp intermittent no start

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Jan 31, 2019
HI folks.  I have an onan 3600 propane gennie.  3.6kyfa26120f.  Intermittent no start.  107 hrs.  Sometimes won't start at all..  other times will fire and sputter and die. And also will sputter and take off fine.  Once it's running it runs great.    I can hear propane flow when the inlet solenoid and diaphragm  solenoid are engaged.  I've tried a new 2 stage regulator on the tank.  It has spark all the time from what I can see.  I've put a new spark plug, spark coil, and pick up coil on.  From what I know about engines this thing should run just fine.  I have disconnected what I believe  to be the oil shutdown switch  and it has no effect either open or grounded.  What am I missing about this particular  engine that could cause this.  Thank you for any help.
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