Onan 4000 microquiet problems

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Aug 12, 2019
Having trouble cranking my 2004 On an 4000  amps at the house battery or 12.7  at the generator I'm only getting 11.7 when I hit the switch the amperage Falls to 5 to 9 range and slowly builds back up to 11. 7 or 11 .8 I can run a jumper wire ground to ground no change I can run a jumper wire power to power on the solenoid generator cranks fine when I checked the amps at the battery with it disconnected from the the battery im getting a  2.1 to three amps backfeed from the generator my question is where. Does the power  go when it leaves the battery before it gets to the generator could it possibly be a resistor I'm new to RV I definitely new to generators any ideas would be greatly appreciated
Welcome to the RV Forum, Mike!

The generator doesn't produce 12 volts DC, the charging current you're seeing going into the house batteries comes from the RV's converter ... the same way the batteries are charged when you're plugged into shore power.  The generator then draws it's ignition power from the batteries.

If the cranking performance increased when you ran an extra jumper from the batteries to the generator, you have a resistance buildup in a connection or along the positive wire between the batteries and the generator.

The most likely location is at the battery post.  Make sure the connection between the post and the battery terminal is clean and tight, and if the terminal is clamped onto the wire don't overlook that connection.  The same holds true for the connection at the generator end of the wire and any connections in between.  Often there's a splice where the battery wire connects to the solenoid that lets you use the house batteries to boost a low starting battery and then continues on to the generator.

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