Onan 6.5 generator help.

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Aug 3, 2021
Im working on a generator for a friend getting alittle stumped here. The generator hasn't ran in 3 years. I'm not the super electrician here but i understand more the basics.
What is know..
Model number is: 6.5nhefa26100m
It's a 1986
Has a coil ignition system as all I can find online doesn't mention coil.
So generator does not turn over without jumping solenoid. just a click from solenoid. I've tested and jumped the solenoid and it's bad.
I got a new universal solenoid and it ended up being bad out of the box. I did notice that the control board acted as if it didn't have power when the new solenoid was connected? Hooked the old one back up and the board worked as it should. I guess I'm confused how the board is getting power from the solenoid?
I also need to use a fuel tank off RV I have a 2.5 psi pump. Can I wire that to the control board and have it function like the stock pump?
I jumped the solenoid and wasn't getting spark (have not tested coil further)
Is there a wire diagram that I can look at and is there some pointers someone can give me as this is going to turn into abit of a "custom" project.
Thank you!
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