onan emerald 4000 shut-down solved + repaired

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Jan 30, 2006
Tempe, Arizona
Thought I'd post about repair I just had done yesterday.
my onan emerald 4000 had about 450 hours on it.
for past year or more, once in a while, when starting it, it would quit right after
I let go of the start button. It had always eventually ended up starting, but sometimes after many
attempts. I poked around, and from what i could find from others, there are a number of things that can cause this.
first and simplest - low oil level, OR - an oil sensor gone bad giving a false reading of low oil.
next, bad voltage regulator, brushes, or control panel or stator.
mine ended up being a bad voltage regulator, was varying output up to 50 ohms, and a replacement of the brushes.
I'm very happy with the job Rocky Mt Cummins did for me, and would recommend their services to others.
by the way, my price out the door was $838 - not so cheap, but done in one day.
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