Onan generator stops with error codes

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Jul 30, 2015
Just joined this site and you guys seem to be informed on Genset problems , I was wondering if anyone could advise me on my problem with my 5.5 Kw Onan
It has 65 hrs total time and was running both a/c units just fine for about an hour  then shut down with a Code 36 ,so the book says it may be low fuel and the gauge is at half . So added gas and it now starts for about 5 seconds and stops with a Code 13 which the book says is under Voltage and to reduce the load . So totally unplug and am still getting Code 13 .  Alternate starts it will run but the start switch stays flashing as if it is still Cranking and will not accept a Load , it does not sound like the starter is still engaged but I do not let it run for long and then the next start results in a code 13.  The book does not address the Flashing light in the start switch except to say it flashes whilst cranking  .The gas tank has stabilizer added and I run the Genset about every 3 or 4 weeks for about an hour.  The Unit starts quickly and runs smoothly for the few seconds it does run so I do not suspect the ignition or the fuel  and assume some electrical/control problem  .?
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