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I think that Simon Cowell has a similar two story expandable without the sun rooms.

Based on how our units work I will take a guess on how it closes up.

The skirting is detachable as are the steps.

The entire second floor slides down which requires that nothing is permanently attached to the inside walls of the second floor.

The two floors of the glass enclosed area nest with the top floor covering the bottom like a box over a box.

The roof area above the second floor glass room is separate and slides over the main roof as the last movement.

The entire glass room is a slideout with double walls.

The unit probably does not have any of the same kind of mechanisms on the curb side because of the need to nest most of the width of the inside.

Of course I could be wrong
Don, what's the source of that picture?
This is where I saw it a few months ago.  The caption under the picture.  Not sure what the actual source other than it is European.


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MAN is a well known/respected diesel engine manufacturer in the marine engine business, and an RV chassis manfacturer. There are numerous photos of "Man extreme RVs" out there, but I haven't seen this one. I'm wondering if it's a Photoshopped joke  ???
It could be.  I do know that the Simon Cowell unit does exist.

If this one is in fact real it would have several limitations and interior design challenges.

It would mostly be empty inside to be able to close to a standard size 53 foot trailer.

The roof over the glass rooms would present the biggest engineering problems.


Before I refined the design of the Mobile Surgical Unit, we had to transport some of the medical equipment in another trailer and then load it into the surgery unit to be functional.


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HueyPilotVN said:
The roof area above the second floor glass room is separate and slides over the main roof as the last movement.
HueyPilotVN said:
The roof over the glass rooms would present the biggest engineering problems.

It looks to me like it would fold down to create a side wall over the glass slideouts when they are retracted.  Simpler than trying to retract it into the main roof.

I've daydreamed about creating something similar to this but on a smaller scale.  Never took it beyond a sketch on the back of a napkin, though.
OK, I feel like I hijacked this thread.

One more post and I will keep quiet.

Many people that have toured our Surgery Unit at conventions or other places have commented on how it was not possible to put so much in a standard dimension 53 foot trailer.

We usually have an audience when opening or closing the unit as Mr. Rainy can attest to.

Everything shown inside the unit is stored inside when closed for travel.

Here are a few pictures to show it opened and the inside.


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In that case I will post a picture of our always helpful moderator Mr. Rainy, (Rene t) inspecting one of the slideouts at the mobile hospital deployment in South Carolina.

I am also posting a picture of the same hospital as taken from a drone.


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Just look where origami has brought us and taken us toooo!!!!!

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