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Sep 12, 2006
Easton, Maryland
I just received and installed an auxiliary  toolbox/fuel tank in my truck from Northern Tool. The box is very well made and was easy to install. I used all stainless fittings including a ball valve. I also installed a 12 volt solenoid with a switch on my console as an override to the kit supplied ball check valve. I regularly read the threads on this forum and am glad to have found it. I would like to say Thanks to all who have replied and really appreciate the wealth of knowledge here. I now have the hitch, the trailer brake, and the fuel tank installed, I am working on a townhouse right now that we bought to remodel and sell. Hopefully after the first of the year I will get it done and be able to sell it. (5er money). I can't wait to get the camper and get out there with the rest of you guys. My daughter is almost more excited than I the point where she helps me work on the place. Thanks again!!
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