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Mar 17, 2005
Payson AZ
The other day a lovely couple on the next street over graciously invited me to ride with them to look at a 2-bedroom apartment they plan to rent.  I wanted to see what is available around this (Portland OR) area in case I'd like to get into a permanent place.  The apartment was typical, in an area full of many attractive apartment complexes and loaded with malls, stores, and services almost within walking distance. 

I've been an apartment dweller all my adult life.  What surprised me was after our little ride when I realized that the thought of going back to that life in one box in one place depessed me.  I love the change of scenery of the RV life, even if it's among the same few places.  I love the nifty people in these places.  And I enjoy the great quality of beauty of the inside of my RV compared to the scratched up, rug-matter pale wood, ancient applianced boxes of apartments.  Then there was the young building manager telling this wizened couple about how their place is inspected annually.  Reminded me of boarding school.

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