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Jul 26, 2005
My wife and I have been living in an Eagle Cap 1150 camper while we build our house. I was told when I purchased the camper It would be best to use an outlet with a 30 amp breaker. Well I hooked up a 30 amp breaker and poof. Lots of grey smoke from under the sink. Apparently they meant a single pole not double pole breaker. Lesson learned. Now I need to repair whatever went poof. I think it is the Intelipower/charger 9100 PD9145A. After the "poof" I hooked up a single pole 30 amp breaker and everything works, except the battery is not charging. I checked the 2 fuses on the charger and both appear to be fine. Should I go through the trouble of removing the Intelipower unit and have it checked? Or should I look for a more simple solution first? And yes there was a circut popped in the camper breaker box and I reset it. There is a power converter just underneath the charger. I took the cover off and all looked fine. ie no smoke smudge or fried wires. On a side note, I thought once I was plugged in to land power everything would run off that power. It seems my lights run off the battery and the land power just recharges the battery. Am I correct or have I already forgotten about a switch somewhere to bypass the battery? Sorry for such a long post. Any advice or help would be appreciated. -Chris


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Feb 1, 2005
You're fortunate if only the converter/charger was damaged.  Then again you probably don't have too many 110V applicances in the camper.  The 12V devices, lights, furnace, etc. always run off of 12V even when connected to shore power.  The charger/converter supplies 12V to the battery and the 12V circuits when on shore power and the battery supplies the 12V when not.

I would get the Intellipower unit checked as without it, you'll soon run down your battery if you don't install another charger.


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Jun 29, 2011
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