Operating the slideouts in an 80's camper.

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Sep 12, 2005
I just got a free camper http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/car/96868320.html and need to figure out how the slide outs work (2 of them).? I believe it is an early 80's Rockwood by Fleetwood 35' (I know it's "By Fleetwood" for sure). Anybody have any idea how these would work? Would they have cranks, or just manually push in? The floor is flat where the camper meets the slideout. I do not believe they tip in as they are only 5 or 6 inches shorter than the camper itself and not sloped towards the outside.

Thanks for any help!!


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Mar 7, 2005
Palmdale, CA.
I believe you have what is known as a park model trailer. Without seeing the popouts I can't comment on how they extend. Could you post a picture of the other side of the trailer? You might also try to contact Fleetwood and I would think they could help you.

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
Well.... The sales post did explain how to operate them  (And I agree with the other poster that it is likely a park model, more on that in a bit)

It says "1981 Oak Park Trailer. 35ft. 2 pullout sections. "

So to operate them you remove any lock bars or pins that might exist and you PULL (or push)

Actually.. here is what you do  While it's up on it's wheels crawl around under it and look at the underside of the pull out sections.. If there is a track and motor,,, Then you need to put 12vdc (most likely) to the motor, this can be done using a temporary battery if the rig does not have a good battery in it.  Applied one way the motors will move the slides out, the other way in,  However I'd not be surprised to find there is no motor.

Park models usually have no on board water storage of any kind, they are designed to be hooked up to water, sewer and power so they do not have a potable water tank like my Motor Home does, they often do not have black or gray tanks (Though they might) and they may well not have a "house" battery, even appliances may or may not be "dual power" (lp/110) or 110 only, and  LP may or may not be onboard storage though I think most have an LP frige and furnance with onboard storage or at least optional on board storage

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Yes, it's definitely a park model as John describes.  Typically the slides on those will be hand cranked, since they are not intended to be frequently moved in/out.  Look for a small opening (with or without a cover) on the outside, either near the slide or opposite it on the other side. Sometimes the drive gear is on a rod that runs all the way thru/across to the other side and the crank is inserted at the other end.  Hopefully you will find a crank handle somewhere in a drawer or some seldom opened space.

As John suggests, a look underneath will likely show you the basics of the mechanism.
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