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Jun 16, 2006

We are considering buying a 2005 Rockwood Freedom 1910, that has never been used.  I would love to know of any ones experience or opinions with this model or rockwoods in general. 

Thanks in advance!

Carl L

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Mar 14, 2005
west Los Angeles
It has been a while since I have tent trailered but looking at the floor plans on the Forest River website, it looks like a nice unit.  A refrigerator would be a plus over the standard ice box.  Similarly a furnace would be nice, in my opinion -- safer than a catalytic heater.  With 13" wheels a spare tire is particularly nice.  If the unit does not have them, the recency of the model may permit retrofitting.  If you are working with a dealer, see what you can bargain for.

One thing you should do before buying is to go thru a set up/tear down cycle with the unit.  You should do it under the dealer's tutelage  That should reveal any hitches in the trailer's fittings.  Furnaces and fridges should be demonstrated to work.
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