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Nov 4, 2012
On the road
Day two of our adventure.
Spent the night at Camp WallyWorld in Marana (north of Tucson) after having new tires installed in Tucson. Intended on rising about 5:30, but was so tired from the previous couple days that we slept in till 7....what the heck, we're on no schedule.  A little coffee, grab a bag of ice, and we're on our way again.

See y'all down the road.
Good Luck, safe travels and try and avoid I 5 as much as possible.
We plan to stay off the interstates as much as possible. We want to see the country and time is not a factor.

In Las Vegas now. Margie has never been here before, so we're taking in the sights and lights. Not interested in gambling, but she did play a few $ in the slots for the fun of it.

We're taking advantage of the free parking behind Bally's for now. In a couple days we'll move to Main Street Station for a night to dump, fill water, etc. Its not much more than a paved lot, but the price is right ($16) and walking distance to Fremont St. There is also a library a few blocks north of there.

Hint...don't try to walk on the strip on the weekends, too darn crowded.
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