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Mar 29, 2013
hi everyone I'm new here and to the RV world and i gotta tell you the wife and kids and myself are loving it. we took our first official trip this weekend just the family and they couldn't be happier. i was wondering if its OK to ask help in person or if that's a no no!!!!!! in live in colorado springs and need some help on fixing my automatic leveling system, it seems the the air runs out of the air bags but even then one side is worst than the other one thing i noticed on the bottom is a broken suspension part and was wondering if that can be replaced or a friend told he could weld it back is that a good option, now the leveling system is not as bad as the broken part i think that's why the RV has a pull but any help you guys can provide me will be greatly appreciated, i have attached a pic of the broken part.  regards


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1. Yes it is ok to ask for help. That's what we are here for.

2. The air level has me a bit puzzled. we will need more info. Maybe give some more details on what it does and does not do.

3. The pic of the broken part is not too much to go on. could you shoot a couple more from diff. angles. From what I can see, it is on the rear end and looks like it may be a Pan Hard Rod. If this is the case it would need to be welded to the rear end. I am not a pro at welding so am not sure if this would hurt the rear end. I would think it would (cooking the lube oil)

Others should post up and maybe someone is a bit more familiar with your coach than I and can help more.
hey capsteve thank you for your reply i took more pictures i hope this will help you see what im talking about and in return help me, ok on the leveling system what it is, it is a jet air ride suspension model number AR P-30-16, what it does it lifts the rear end on automatic mode while driving then when you park it has left and right controls so you can manually  level out the rv depending on how the ground is once you get it leveled correctly its supposed to stay at the position also it only works with the ignition. after a while of being parked i noticed that both sides go down but specially the left it seems to be worst, now i have to let you know i just got the rv 2 months ago and was winterized and if i have to do something to it to make it work or to unwinterized it i just dont know, again thank you


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Ok, now I can help you!!

1. You have an air leak. air up the coach and get a spray bottle of soapy water and get dirty! listen for leaks, spray all your air fittings and the air bags. you will likely find a few. Follow the air lines around and check all fittings for leaks.

2. Yes, it can be rewelded. Now I can see that it goes on a bracket not directly no the rear end. It looks like a Pan Hard Rod. It keeps the side to side motion of the coach to a minimum ( like when a 18 wheeler blows the back of the coach around)

:D :D :D :D :D    alright!!!!! sounds great i will have my friend weld that in place (its his trade by the way) i will start spraying and let you know how it goes thank you soooo much
could you guys tell me why that part would have broken like that!!! maybe there was too much tension it seems to have a adjustment bolt to unscrew the retighten i just done want to break again  and possibly make it worst. does anyone a place here in colorado springs that can adjust it once i weld it back in place, again thank you
johnny-chingas said:
could you guys tell me why that part would have broken like that!!..
If it broke at the weld, then it could have been a poor quality weld at the factory, maybe bad engineering, maybe too much stress on the part due to a misalignment, difficult to really know for sure.
I'm surprised he doesn't ask you to take it apart, that will be hard to weld in place and just as hard to prep. Good luck and hope it all works out well.
i think the reason is because taking it apart would require taking the whole wheel axle, leafs, and part of the suspension out including the air bags, if i have to take all that out i would just buy the part new but getting it would also be a problem
I agree...it sure would be a PITA to take apart and after thinking I would probable try to weld in place. Besides I have a nephew that is a welder and still owes me money...be puttin his young self in the hole...

Previous owner must have gone rock climbing.
just an update i welded well my friend did and what a difference it makes the vibration, the swaying it all stopped handles great now. i cant believe the improvement this made. thank you all for your advise 


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Make sure you get it aligned now. The rear axel might not be tracking perfectly straight or be slightly offset. Best to check it sooner than later.

i will captsteve another thing im going to do is i will be replacing the rest of the tires i replaced only one but after looking at the rest i need all the tires specially that my wife want to go to new mexico in july, the wife is hesitant about it but its a choice new tires or no trip not going to risk blowing a tire on the freeway with my family in the rv 
Awesome! I did New Mexico last october and will do Utah this October. There are tons of awesome places to camp there. If you are in the Santa Fe area go to Bandelier Monument NP. beautiful place on a mountain top.

Good luck with the trip and Yes, replace those tires and have fun!!

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