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Blues Driver

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Apr 4, 2018
2010 Winn. Vista 26P.  The cabinets look fine but DW wants to paint the walls. I think the walls are wallpaper.  Is this doable?

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
At our Silver Springs FL home
Probably wallboard, which is a thin luan panels covered with a wallpaper-like finish. Usually vinyl rather than paper. It can usually be painted unless it is peeling off, e.g. water damaged.  I would suggest degreasing and sanding lightly with 120 or 150 grit paper or a similar synthetic pad (3M makes great ones).  Then put on a coat of primer before applying the finish.  You may not need the sanding prep if everything is in good condition and the finish is not glossy.


Hopefully they did not fry foods in the RV or some crazy thing.  Oily surfaces can Make the paint fish eye from the oily film is possible, probably more so likely with Spraying as opposed to rolling the material on.  It happened to me when I was spray painting a used  Kitchen cabinet once as I did not prep / Clean super well before slapping some paint on it.

I love using "Flood" (Orange label) Brand Paint additives to mix with any baseboards or Cabinet paints.  Takes all the brush strokes or roller marks out of the finish, settles smooth like a plastic finish.

Nice High end look to it. Excellent Products, you may want to think about it!

I am a huge fan of clean and scuff for the cabinets...maybe even wipe down with wax and grease remover.  I think PPG is MFG I think.  It is a automotive Final Prep to remove oils from your hands in the final prep. 

Maybe, just a Good old Wipe down with a 5 Gal bucket of Dawn Soapy water and scuff maybe is all you need?

Even if the first coat goes a little crazy, let it flash/dry a bit and roll a thick coat on top and is will probably straighten out and dry right. 

I am Also a Huge Fan of Sherwin Williams "Duration" Product Line, Egg Shell Finish. Egg shell or the Satin Finish will give you that plastic tougher look and feel to it. 

I would not get a "Flat Finish" as it will be to chalky and not a tough paint that will want to absorb splatters of RVn. 

SW Duration= 1 coat Coverage beautiful Quality paint. 

Make sure you hit the upcoming yearly Nov-DEC time frame -40% sale will be coming up. 

Best Paint on the Market.  I painted my San Antonio House Interior before I sold it.  Everybody Loved it.  Silverplate and Tin Lizzy.

Also use their Colorfast App.  Take a pic of your wall and apply their color to it.  Cool feature.  Also the app pairs up the 'Matching" accent colors, or you could always buy the 7 buck quarts to actually apply to you r test area. 

I would also go light so you don't make the walls close in on the RV by going Dark. Dark and Small spaces are not good.

Silverplate is a little cold looking but I loved how it made my house look, SP along with The darker Tin Lizzy on Accent doing the cabinet doors with TL.

SW has some Beautiful Shades of Gray and all colors. I Would DEFINITELY go a interior "Satin" Duration Line on those walls. 

A gallon would do every wall in the RV twice over easy with plenty left over for continual touch ups. 

Just My $0.02.



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Nov 8, 2009
First thing to do it remember it will probably lower the value when you sell.
Now, to do it, you first will need to wash the surfaces with TSP, yea Tri Sodium Phophate.  Let it dry. Prime with quality primer like Kilz, then you can paint with her favorite color in latex.

Boat Addict

Oil based Kilz as a primer sticks to the worse conditions. Of course it smells a bit strong for inside. But then you can paint whatever you wish over it. I roll it with a short nap roller and it leaves small dimples on the surface, which also works nicely for the occasional painter on larger areas. It does not show your starts and stops as much. 

Gary Roe

Oct 22, 2020
I refinished a table and chair set for my son and his new wife in last Christmas. The Beyond Paint system was perfect! I used the light gray, did a small stencil and reupholstered the seats. I plan to redo my china hutch next!

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Mar 28, 2021
We totally remodelled our 2003 Holiday Rambler motorhome 4 years ago. I painted the entire coach and didn't do anything extra to the walls other than just paint. It still is as beautiful, without any issues, as when I first finished it!


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Dec 3, 2017
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