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Sep 7, 2018
I recently bought a used Winnebago Via, 2013, according to the state of Arizona, and 2014 according to the state of California long not relevant story).  At any rate, sometimes when I put the vehicle in "drive" a light comes on and tells me the parking brake is on.  But it's not; I've already released it.  So far, I've been able to re-engage the brake and that'll solve the issue.  But sometimes I have to do it multiple times.  Thoughts?
the year of the coach is regulated  by the FEDERAL Government rules. There are 2 years in play. The year of the chassis and the year built by the coach maker. The  year built by the coach builder determines the year for title and registration purposes.
For example a 2020 coach could be built on a 2018 chassis as the coach manufacturer orders the chassis in advance of the coach build date. The coach should be registered by any state in the country as a 2020 coach because that is the final build date. If other than that is the case then the person at DMV is not knowledgeable and a supervisor should be asked for.
ANother example is my 1990 Southwind is actually on a 1989 chevy chassis.  It is registered and titled as a 1990 the final build date. This is normal occurence

NB: My coach is registered as a 1990 in ARIZONA at the DMV not a private DMV service
^^ Exactly  :)) ^^

Some new owners get their knickers in a twist when they discover their chassis is a year or two older than the house part of the RV.

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