Passover Greetings!

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Bob Maxwell

Moderator Emeritus
Feb 1, 2005
Holbrook, Arizona
Many of us in the past felt trapped, tied to a place and a way of living that we didn't believe we were created for or intended to live the rest of our lives. Then we bought our first RV. Some on weekends, some on vacations escaped for days and some more of us divested us of all permanent ties to one place via our RV 's.

This is a hint at the freedom spiritually, emotionally and physically that our Jewish framily members and friends everywhere begin celebrating this sundown with the beginning of Passover.

I extend to you that keep this Season my greetings and prayers for a meaningful Passover with family and friends. 


New member
Apr 24, 2005
Passover Greetings to you also. We haven't met too many Jewish RVrs so it is nice to hear from one.

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