Pheasant Ridge RV Park, Wilsonville OR - opinions?

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Mar 17, 2005
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Does anybody have experience with the topic park?  It sounds pristine, and the location is nice (right behind Fry's Electronics, maybe half a mile from CampingWorld).   

Was your stay pleasant?  Long?  It's rated highly, even for view, in the Trailer Life campground software.  I looked it up on the internet.  Almost no pics of the place.  They seem to have premium spots that are apparently a little larger and more private.  Anybody know about those?  The monthly rent for the basic spots looked reasonable.  The layout map looked like a crowded parking lot, though.


We and many friends from WA stay at Pheasant Ridge whenever we are in the Portland area. Very nice park that is well run and friendly. The lots are not large but are separated with hedges that provide privacy. We have not stayed in premium lots so I am discussing the standard ones.

As you noted it is near shopping, restaurants, etc.
I'm in a park now that has cedar hedges separating the spots.  They're about 7' tall.  Great privacy, but claustrophobic, and the cat doesn't have any action to watch out the windows. 

I enjoyed the reviews of Pheasant Ridge I found on a couple websites.  Some RVers felt the sites were way too small and the access roads too narrow for today's big units, even 5th wheels.  They described the park as out of date.  Also, several reviewers thought the extremely unfriendly pet attitude was detrimental.  Apparently the only pet walk is across a 4-lane street, and continual reminders about messes came across as repressive.  I hate it when people's animals use my site instead of their own as their personal bathroom, so I would likely side with management, as long as they don't perceive my cat walking on her leash as a problem.  Missy lives to go outside. 

Before I read any of the reviews, I got the impression that the wording of the rules in the website came across as harsh in a couple spots.  It felt like an unhappy place.  More than one reviewer described management as hostile or unfriendly, not just with regard to pets.  That said, I liked the care given to the place; although, I'd be somewhat leery of doing something wrong.

I loved the rules at Casey's RV Park in Westfir OR.  Rule #1:  HAVE FUN!  They went on to a few other reasonable rules, such as pool safety, but the tone was set.

I have seen this  park mentioned in numerous threads and the only negative, (mentioned above) is that it is not dog friendly.  They restrict to small dogs and seem reluctant at that.  Otherwise, pretty nice park.  I must confess that when we travel to Oregon we stay mostly in the state parks....they all seem to be great.  Luck.

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