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There are lots of good suggestions above, and I'll repeat that I use The Gimp for photographs, which is free and open source. It's not extra simple, but very capable.

The video program I use is Pinnacle Studio, not horribly expensive, but it can be a rough learning curve- great capabilities, though.
I shoot with my camera phone and the photos are automatically uploaded to my cloud. I don't need an SD card at all. I can also do basic editing in the camera or online in my Chromebook. There are several free editing programs there such as Adobe. But I am so happy with the results straight out of the camera that I rarely ever do any editing except to give it a decent file name and move it to the proper folder..

Seeking advice on photo editing software, I have these basic requirements:-

1. Ability to change hue/brightness sharpness, etc.. basic features to enhance or correct lighting also resize
crop etc..

2. Ability to save photos in a library possibly with date/location/people attributes that can be later searched.

I'm not interested in cloud and/or subscription services. this software MUST run on a local machine
either Linux or Windows. I have local NAS storage and backup.

Item #2 could be a separate software, probably better if is was..

additionally, I may need to edit video clips too check lightroom premium apk.. any suggestions would be welcome.

What software does everyone use for the best results and ease of use. for video and pictures for EVO 2 Pro? Also why ?
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