Pilot Lights? Auto or how do I light them?

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May 25, 2006
Right, I'm slowly getting a bit further on each time with the RV and mostly thanks to you guys.

Now, we're off for our first trip away in it this weekend to a motorbike race meet where we will be hooked up to a electricity supply so don't need to worry about the generator for the meantime!

But, our Dometic S620 fridge freezer has been plugged into electric before and bearly got cold.  It did attempt to turn cold and was only plugged in for a couple of hours, but I have read on another posting that it only really maintains temperature while on electric and it is the lpg (propane) which gets it nice and cold.  I don't think it's faulty, just in need of some lpg if what I've read is true!  So, we are planning on filling up with lpg today or tomorrow.  But my question is, in my National RV (1992) does anyone know if my pilot lights are automatic for water heater and the fridge or if I need to light them manually?  We have a Manchester lpg tank on board.  We have only have a basic manual for the rig and it does mention about lpg but doesn't give you any indication as to how to light anything?

Any ideas would be gratefully received!  On a happy note, the air conditioning, water pump and everything else seemed to work fine when plugged in, not bad considering it has been stood for at least 18 months doing nothing. 

Thanks in advance, I don't know what I'd do without you lot!  I've learnt SO much!


John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
I don't know and found nothing like an "S620" on the manafacturer's web site (Logical, just put www in front of the name and com after it, then choose service and manuals from the popdown menu)

However I can tell you how to find out

Open the outer cover (outside cover) usually it comes off by turning the two screws 1/4 turn  and gently pulling

The burner assembly will be lower right on most Dometics  If it has an electronic ignition it will be obvious

Since you don't know if it does, I'm guessing you have not done your annual maintance on it  This would be a good time to pick up a Gerneral "Rv Maintance" or "Rv Owner's manual"  I have the woodalls book here.  Others in this forum recommend a different one.  These books tell you about cleaning the flue and burner on your fridge and a whole lot of other things you really need to know.

Camping world and many dealers carry them


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Feb 1, 2005
It can take up to 24 hours to cool down if it's empty.  It should work as well on AC as on propane.  The manual should have some troubleshooting help for it that may point you to the problem.  It could be as simple as a setting on the panel or moving the internal temperature sensor.


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Mar 3, 2005
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The water heater may or may not have electronic ignition. If you open the outside access door for it and you see a metal box in the gas line with a (usually) red button and knob with markings like "OFF", PILOT", and maybe "ON", that would indicate a standing pilot that you have to light yourself. If you see a flat, rectangular box with a couple of electrical connectors and one heavy wire going to the burner assembly, that would be the electronic ignition. If so, you should have a water heater on/off switch and indicator light mounted somewhere inside the coach, possibly in the range hood. 

Almost all refigerators fire up automatically when on gas. Look inside the fridge section and there should be a label with the manufacturer name and model number. Let us know what it is and we can tell you definitely. Like Ned said, it should operate equally well on gas or electric. If not, you could have a bad heating element or some other problem associated with it - blown fuse, dirty/corroded connection, etc.

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