Pleasure Way vs. Leisure Travel (interior rattles)

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May 26, 2005
We went down to pick up our new coach this eve,,,or so we thought. I had negotiated my price, subject to test drive, on a new Pleasure Way Plateau TS with an option to sub a Leisure Travel. I wanted the LT, my wife the PW. Thought it would be an easy sell to convince her on the LT. Not so. After driving both on the same circuit my wife wouldn't even consider the LT due to the interior rattle, even what she described as "in the walls" noise (she rode in the back on the sofas for both rides). Said it reminded her of our old class C Fleetwood. Needless to say we left without buying either.
Anyone out there have any comments, first hand experience on this?
I can't believe the LT would be THAT noisier (I heard it too). The LT runs $3500? more net ($7000 more MSRP), extras in LT are leather sofa, basement storage, electric pump for shocks, rear door step, sony vs clarion, xtra speakers, interior lights, better mirrors, fold down spare rack, a few other goodies.
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