Pop up ceiling leak?

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Aug 3, 2022
New to camper life. Just bought this 2013 somerset E2 and had it up a few days ago, the ceiling adhesive was not coming off. It rained that day and we zipped it all up and let the short rain storm pass. After the storm there was no visible water or leak points and it was all
Dry so I collapsed it and put it in my garage . Today I pulled it back out and noticed the ceiling adhesive coming off and 2 small patch points in the corners of one of the beds coming off too. Initially I thought it was the heat, but could the ceiling have leaked water? The ceiling is solid with no holes or anything attached. Could this be a non issue? Or is this a whole new roof needed issue? Thanks for the help!


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Oct 30, 2005
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It is possible that heat was the cause but it may also just be age. I don't see any signs of water damage so doubt that you have a hidden leak. I suspect that you can get a tape product that would work just fine to replace the coverings over the joints in the ceiling.
I re routed the red vac line which is under the hood by attaching a new black line to the red line, ran it through the fender to an existing grommet to inside of kick panel, bought a new cannister and check valve , cut the hard black line going to the accuators and attached it to new re routed check valve and cannister,thus bypassing the un reachable cannister and check valve deep inside the ac unit , now the new cannister and check valve are inside the vehicle .

Pedro Dog

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Jul 9, 2022
South Shores, CA
Rule number 1 I learned when we had a pop up - NEVER collapse it without airing it out completely, especially after a rain. The humidity will mildew and cause you problems. Maybe this is one of them

Kirk, you inserted the wrong quote on your post above.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
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Agree with Pedro re allowing it to air dry before folding whenever possible. If you have to fold it up damp, open again soon to air out.

No sign of water entry, so (at a guess) the combination of heat and dampness probably loosened the joint tape. It may even have been recently applied (just before you bought it). It doesn't look original to me. I think I would re-tape it, perhaps using something like Eternabond roof tape, which is stickier and moisture-proof. Your local hardware store probably has a roof sealer tape in white, or you can order one from Amazon or Walmart.
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