Popping in front end??

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Jun 27, 2005
We just bought an'03 windsong by forrest river with 6,500 miles it is on the ford chasis with the v10.? I had the oil changed and the chasis lubed 4 days ago along with balancing and rotating the tires. After this I started getting a popping noise in the font end, my first thought was a loose lugnut or two, not that. I took it back to the tire man they checked all the tires and lugs, everythings tight.? The tireman said that if the oil changed place pumped too much grease in the kingpin this would make the kingpin pop!? I thought grease prevented this. I'm confused...?

it pops when the motorhome rocks side to side going down the road it is very noticable and you can feel it thru the floor.

If anyone can help please un-confuse me! ???


Apr 8, 2008
Seeing that this occured after service, I suggest the all wheels be removed and reistalled. i was in auto repair a long time and have seen and happened to me that the rim did not seat to the hub but still was torque tight. That would be my first step.

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
At our Silver Springs FL home
Could be a bad ball joint or tie rod end - these sometimes cause a "popping" sound as they flex. The popping could be grease getting pushed out/around as the joint flexes. When all the grease is gone, it won't pop anymore but that's not the solution!  A visit to a front end shop is in order, I think.
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