Possibe Battery Disconnect or switch issue

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Jan 20, 2019
Central Florida
I am having trouble putting the coach batteries into storage mode. I found a bad fuse next to the Battery Disconnect Relay it self (not 1 of the 2 on the relay itself but next to it), replaced it and I was able to place them in storage mode at that point.
Now when go to storage mode, the small LED light above the switch flickers and if I turn on a light(s) inside the coach to verify the power is off, it/they flicker as well. I am disconnected from shore power and without the generator running either. If I switch out of storage the lights have full power, switch back to storage and I have a light and constant flicker in any light(s) that I turn on in the coach.
While this flicker is happening, I've checked the Battery Disconnect Relay underneath the coach behind the batteries and it is not making any noise at all.

Any ideas?


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Perhaps someone with the same coach has had that problem.
Not sure what disconnect system you have but how is the disconnect switch labeld and is it an ON/OFF or is it a Three position spring return to center switch

Also do you have a SOLAR system on that coach  last I will give a suggestio but not there .... yet

IF You have a SOLAR system and it is on the HOUSE side of the disconnect relay it may be powering teh lights... slightly (Flicker/dim)  (Why I ask about solar).

Suggestion (Which I promised)

Lift all wires off the NEGATIVE battery terminal.  tie 'em together with string and tie the string to the battery post. DRY string. you now know for a fact the batteries are HARD disconnected. (if there is only one wire still use a piece of string so it dont' get lost).
Ok, added the RV to my profile, sorry about that and thanks for telling me Arch & Gizmo.

Yes John, its a 3-way switch On-Nuetral-Off always returning to center position and there is no solar system.
The relay with the fuses isn't the battery disconnect .  That is the boost relay that connects the house and chassis batteries when you hold down a switch on the dash. That relay would also jump the house and chassis batteries when the engine is running to charge the house batteries while you drive.
I owe you an apology. I gave you some bad info. I just looked at your photo. The top solenoid is your boost relay and the bottom solenoid is your battery disconnect relay.
Have a good look at the connections on the disconnect relay. If everything looks okay,  remove one of the large wires from the disconnect relay and see if you still have the flickering lights.  If the light still flickers, you probably have another wire loose somewhere touching something it shouldnt.
BIsbell wrote: "While this flicker is happening, I've checked the Battery Disconnect Relay underneath the coach behind the batteries and it is not making any noise at all."

Yup, we ordinarily expect to hear something or feel heat while a solenoid coil is energized; but your disconnect is a latching solenoid and is held in place with an internal magnet after being momentarily energized with the coach battery disconnect switch.  So you only hear it latch when you "make" the momentary switch and then it is silent when the spring loaded switch returns to center/neutral ...... the coil is now drawing no current and the magnet(s) internal to the solenoid are holding the contacts in place.  I will try to attach a "typical" schematic dwg that depicts this. There's a gazillion posts re this solenoid but the failure mode is most often failure to connect.  I seem to recall an instance or two where the contacts were welded so there was no disconnect function; but no instance where the disconnect "almost disconnected" and left lights flickering, or whatever.  But anything's possible I reckon.  Your solenoid appears to be a Trombetta; I replaced mine recently as a preemptive strike (they seem to be a bit problematic after 10-15 yrs of use.)

ChasA's suggestion is a good one.  It's a little tight in there; disconnecting the house battery(s) first would be prudent.

Good luck with the troubleshooting and the fix ...... and safe travels.


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Where woudl I find the disonnnect.

IS there a box somewhere marked "Intelletec Battery Control System" on the cover..
If so the disconnect and the boost relays are inside. Else they are often close to each others.
And both systems (Disconnect and boost) have 5 amp fuses.

Your flickering indicates one of several issues. Most likely a partial short between the Generator line on that control system and one of the battery lines.. This could be at any point in the box from the terminals to the relays (Solenoids).

There are also a few ways a bad ground might do it but doubtful.
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