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Apr 21, 2005
Auburn, CA or Reno, NV
In 1964 the US government was paying me about $6.50 a day while I was on "vacation" in the beautiful jungles of South Vietnam.
I got around ten bucks per day in 1969, Central Highlands of RVN. The base pay ($235.00), plus the combat pay ($65.00) and the overseas pay ($13.00) totaled up to $313.00 per month or a little over ten bucks per day for an Amry Spec. 4 in Vietnam.

I was working for GTE Lenkurt in San Carlos before and after the army. Back in those days, they had to give the job back after ETS. That was the first job I replied for (in 1968). I was Lenkurt's youngest electronics technician. After I left there, they went out of business. They could make it without me;).

After I quit them and went to work for Delta Communications. They too went out of business right after I quit them. They too could not survive without me ;).

Then I went to work for the City of San Francisco in 1978. They are still getting by without me somehow after I retired at the end of 2012! I am not sure how they managed to get by!:)

I applied for only three jobs in my lifetime, and I got all three. I did not apply for the US Army, I was drafted.

-Don- Reno, NV

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May 20, 2011
Farmington NH
In all actuality these items are not real. They are a reflection. If they were real, you could touch them. Throw a stone at one of them and they’ll disappear like magic. 😂😅🤣


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Jul 16, 2016
I know there are some programmers here...

This one still lives at home and failed grammar- LOL

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I was at a seminar about project management where a study about the parts of communication were discussed. It was said that the impact of a message was 55% non-verbal (body language), 38% audio (tone, inflection, volume, etc., with the remaining 7% being the actual choice of words. The speaker then took a 7 word sentence and interpreted it 7 different ways. Scary that most of our communication is now words only.
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