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A Traveler

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Aug 25, 2014
Three guys are sitting in a bar talking. The first guy says, “I like this place. If you buy three beers, they’ll give you the fourth one free.”

The second guy says, “I get a better deal at the bar near my house. You only have to buy two beers there, and you get the third one free.”

The third guy slowly sets his beer on the table, looks at the other two and just shakes his head. Then he says, “You guys need to come over to the bar near my place. Over there we got a bar where they’ll give you all the drinks you want for free, then they‘ll take you upstairs and get you laid.”

The other two guys are incredulous. Finally the first guy asks, “Has this actually happened to you?” The third fella replied, “Well no, but it has happened a couple times to my sister.”


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Mar 4, 2019
SE - Mich
Dear People,
The placement agent bought the add to run X-many times once a "some thing" without a calendar handy...
I am glad this is mystery to you, but it is the same sort of thing that happened in the contract test labs they I either worked in or ran. A client would call (typically on Friday) to ask if he could get a test run before the next Friday. The specified test takes 200 hours. There are 168 hours in a week. It is late on Friday and my set up technician want to go home.
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