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Aug 27, 2021
Kenton Ohio
I am hosting a FREE Safe Snow Shoveling/Removal seminar Feb 2nd & 3rd. Booking multiple sessions from 8am to 8pm both days. All classes will be taught by a lifelong Michigander who survived the Blizzard of ’78 in SW Michigan. The seminar be held at my location in my driveway, please dress for conditions. This is a hands-on seminar!!!

Shoveling techniques taught and practiced will include.
• Proper Shovel Grip
• Angled Push (plow)
o Left and right
• Sweep and Toss (circular clear)
o Left and right
• Scoop and Throw

Powered snow removal techniques taught and practiced will include (must bring own machine)
• Proper starting
• Overlapping paths to clear snow
• Proper chute usage
• Safe clog clearing

Snow Clearing techniques will be taught as they relate to
• Driveway clearing
• Sidewalk clearing
• Porch clearing
• Assuring access to fire hydrant

Proper application of salt or ice melt will be provided at no additional charge.

In addition, attendees are welcome to take the snow used for the seminar home with them for practice. Please bring your own bags, wheelbarrow, trailer (with sides) or truck.

Travel and lodging not included.
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