Power to Kwikee Steps

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Highway Ranger

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Feb 26, 2019

I have a 2005 Country Coach Allure 430. My steps have worked as described in the Kwikee manual with either the Chassis Battery or House Batteries. I recently had some electronic work completed with the in-dash stereo and as a result no longer have power to the steps from house batteries. The steps still function as they should when the chassis power is on but once chassis power is turned off, I no longer have power to steps. Does anyone know where the house power is coming from. I can only find a fuse and power source for the Chassis battery. There is no fuse in the domestic battery fuse panel, and I have not been able to trace the lines from the step back to a power source for the house batteries. I talked to Country Coach and they stated there were only a few models that actually had power from both power sources. And of those some had power from domestic fuse box and others from a line directly from batteries with an inline fuse and maybe diodes to keep chassis and house battery from back feeding.

Thank You!

Do not know the answer to your question unless you have an Intelletec Battery Control System. in which case that is your answer.

Do knwo this though. My Dash A/C was not working when I returned from SC to MI (needed it for a few hours).. Had a "Feeling" it was electrical not low-charge/mechanical and finally a few days ago I got the old Rount-Tuit.... Replaced a blown 14 year old fuse. Have not tested but have cool hopes.
Make sure the step switch is in the "on" position. There should be a switch that disables the steps keeping them in the existing position. The switch is usually near the door that the steps service
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