pre 2002 American Coach Switch

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Steve CDN

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Jan 31, 2005
The Fantastic Fan in our '98 Dream was spontaneously moving up and down despite dry weather conditions.  The fans are equipped with a rain sensor and a motorized lid.

I called Fantastic, which as we know provides top notch tech support.  The tech told me he would replace whatever I needed, but suggested I check the Fleetwood supplied rocker switches for intermittent contact, because pre 2002 switches were subject to this type of failure.

After removing the switch and connecting the wires together to make a positive contact, the Fantastic Fan was stable. 

Before calling Fleetwood for replacements, I tried to solve the contact problem in the switch by spraying some contact cleaner into the switch. 

For the time being this has resolved the problem, though at some point the rocker switch may have to be replaced. 

Has anyone replaced one of these rocker switches and are they still available from American Coach?


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Jan 29, 2005
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We have never had the need to replace one of the switches you are talking about on our 99 Eagle but I am sure American Coach will have them or as uitable replacement that will work.  Give them a call.
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