Premature buy, or impulse buy?

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Sep 26, 2006
Well, it seems like the dream of owning a MH will come to be this weekend. We will be picking the MH up in Bakersfield. The plan is to rent a car, drive up there and enjoy the miaden voyage home. I will check all the engine fluids , belts and tires. I hope she gets us home. I'm in the Navy, stationed at Camp Pendleton. I live in government housing on base, and I had no idea about parking these vehicles. Of course I don't have RV parking at my house or neighborhood. I checked on base and the wait is 6 to 18 months for Camp Pendleton and over 3 years at the Fallbrook Naval Weapons Station. I got my name on the waiting list for the Camp Pendleton lot. I also may be parking the unit up at Seal Beach Weapons Station. The wait there is only about 2 months or so. That is about an hour away. Kind of far, but what else to do? My brother informed me that lake Skinner has some spots and that he will check around the area to see what he can come up with. Anybody know anywere in the Northern San Diego area to store the unit? Thanks for any help.
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