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Nov 7, 2011
Since we live in North Carolina herricanes are not a real problem for us.  The secret is PREPERATION.  We always have a certain list we live by when they say that a hurricane is heading for the ''Tar Heel State'' and here is what we do for our safety and comfort before, during and after the terrible storms that sweep the coast line of our state.
I would like to state now that we DO NOT LIVE ON THE COAST..  We actually live about three hundred fifty miles inland from the coast but you never can tell how high the tides will be and how strong the winds will be and where exactly the terrible storm will hit and the damage it may do. 

Willa was watching CNN and there were continous warnings about the latest storm, Sandy, and its route of travel.  She suggested that I might run to the store and pick up some milk, coffee, eggs, a loaf of bread and one of those ''scam rag  papers'' about aliens knocking up rich ladies etc.   

I hit the road for the store with her list.  It was not crowded in the store at all and the shelves were still full.  I grabbed a buggy and headed for the Milk isle.  I grabbed a quart of milk for our coffee and noticed that just one isle over there was a large display of beer, so I ventured over and grabbed two cases of Coors and dumped them in the buggy.  Up at the end of the isle there were all kinds of snacks so I grabbed up two family size bags of ''chips'' (one regular and one garlic and onion flavored) and a large sack of ''pretzels'' (with extra salt).  I went ahead and got half a dozen Slim Jims, the three foot long kind and a big double hand full of Jerkie,  (some the hot kind and some regular and a few sticks of alligator and a couple sticks of ''road kill'').  I headed over to the egg cooler and picked up a dozen eggs.  As I walked away I noticed that the ''wine isle'' was right in my path so I ventured along just kinda ''window shopping''.........  I found half a gallon of ''Regallo, screw top wine'' on sale for only 98 cents so I picked up a couple bottles of that and then I found the ''wine coolers'' so I got three six packs of wine coolers in assorted flavors because you never know how long a hurricane will last or the damage it might cause. 
As I headed toward the place where they sell the bread, I walked right past the Krispy Kream display.  I stopped and unfolded one of the 18 pack boxes and started filling it up with the treats.  I think I got three of all the kinds of donuts and I managed to get the box in the cart on top of the beer, wine, snacks and all the other stuff.  I eased over in the bread section and picked up a loaf of bread.  They delibertly stack the ?cream horns? and ''rasin cakes'' in the bread isle so I picked up a pack couple packs  of each of them and headed for the door.  On the way to the door I went past the alachol isle so I ducked in for a look see.  I picked up a nice fifth of Jim Beam, a quart of Jack Daniels and a pint of vodka to keep the mosquitoes away during the storm.  I headed for the check out ?...
I loaded all the bags into the back of the car and headed home really proud of my ability to ''Shop'' and buy emergency goods without the help of Willa (whom I love dearly).
I got home and unloaded all our hurricane supplies and Willa jumped my bones.


''Uhhhhhhhhhh,  Duhhhhhhhh,  Coffee?????, was it on the list?
?Yes, Coffee was on the list.''  ''Seems that if I want something done, I always have to do it myself'' she grumbled.........

I went into the den with a cool one and a ''Slim Jim'' and waited for the storm that I knew was coming........

Always prepare for hurricanes even if you live in the middle of the state some three hundred and fifty miles from the coast where the odds of being hit by said hurricane are about the same as you getting struck by lightning or winning the lottery.

These are the words of wisdom from Seajay the sailor man.........


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Dec 26, 2009
on the move, USA
Speaking of NC and hurricanes...

One season I went through several hurricanes in the Caribbean that set me on edge and radically changed my lifestyle.

The next summer, 1997,  I had an opportunity to go to Caesars Head which is on the border of SC and NC on highway 276, north of Greenville, SC, and just south of Brevard, NC. I lucked out with a  cozy rustic mountain cabin that was in need of a little work. It had no heat but hey it was summer.  I paid a small fortune to have the first ever phone installed in the cabin so I could have dial-up internet to stay in touch with my Caribbean business.

Here came hurricane Danny, that far inland which brought on near freezing temps, torrential flooding and tornados.  My phone was knocked out, a new river sprung up, running through the cabin property, blocking the front and back doors. I was reduced to piling on all my Caribbean clothing, turning on the electric oven and hunkering down under multiple quilts while trying to build a fire with wet wood.

I finally used the oven to dry out some wood for a fire in the fireplace. Then the electric was knocked out. I had bought all this fresh produce and no canned goods as I had no idea a hurricane was headed my way. The refrigerator thermostat malfunctioned freezing and ruining all the produce.  I remember trying to eat a mushy watermelon wishing I was back in the Caribbean.

The cabin had a few candles and a hurricane lantern with oil in it. I ended up reading old  Readers Digest magazines from the  50's and 60's by the light of the lantern, laughing at the ads with smokers and drinkers.  One I remember was for a car wax for men that had more important things to do like smoke a cigarette and it showed a can of car wax with a guy sitting in a chair with his feet propped up while smoking and drinking.

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