Prince George to Watson Lake backup plan

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Mar 20, 2022
Gilroy, ca
We are scheduled to leave Prince George travelling through Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson to Watson lake beginning of June 2024. Fort Nelson continues to be under an evacuation order per DriveBC. Interested to understand whether I should be making reservations using the Casair hwy as an alternate route or accept risk of taking that route without reservations if Fort Nelson evacuations and hwy 97 closure not lifted by that time.
Thanks! hoping Fort Nelson evac order gets lifted soon!
They have been getting rain in the area. (We are in the Okanagan too).

You could always do the Casiar and come back thru the for benson route. We want to do that in 2026.
I'm not familiar with the Benson route. help? Or are you suggesting reversing my north south routes, going up via Casair and returning thru Fort Nelson/Dawson Creek route?
It's been over a decade since I drove up the Casiar but it's a decent route. Just a bit slower because it has a lot more gravel road (when I used it, anyway) and your vehicle gets filthy if wet weather. But it also has its own attractions, especially if you like to fish or watch for wildlife. And I can recommend a side trip to Stewart/Hyder if you have the time. There are numerous Alcan vs Casiar comparisons available online.
thanks! we're headed up the Casair, which we had originally planned to return via. we will now return via the Alcan.
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