Problem with Thetford Aria toilet

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Jul 4, 2006
Has anyone had problem with their Aria toilet not opening and closing? I changed to flange gasket a couple of days ago and everything seemed to be working fine until today for some reason it seemed to lose its timing. It either opens and stays open or closed and wants to partialy open and in general is screwed up. Anyone have any suggestions? I sent an email to Thetford but don't suppose I will hear anything from them until monday.

Herb Currie

New member
Nov 18, 2012
I have the same problem with my Thedford Aria toilet. Would like to know the solution to the problem is you know it.

Thanks, Herb

Bob Flight

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Apr 11, 2005
Rochester, NY
Our 2002 Aria would act as if it was stuck shut. Starting it by turning the manual open knob on the backside would get it going.  The factory said it needed a new control module and power valve assembly, basically a rebuild kit.  Before we did that I found we had a bad 12v main cut-out relay.  The lights would go dim when the toilet was used.  Replacing the relay solved the toilet problems.  I guess it needs the ability to have sudden surges of power to start and/or reverse directions.

Checking the voltage drop during operation is where I started. 
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