Propane Onan Microlite takes 45 seconds of cranking to fire and run

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Jun 8, 2018
My 2004 Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser MB has a Propane Onan Microlite 2500 that always takes a continuous 40-50 seconds of cranking with the electric starter before it fires and runs on its own,....runs fine after that.   

Like many class B vans, it is mounted under the tail of the van,  with no access door,  it has to be disconnected and then lowered down to the ground and then rolled out from under the lifted van to work on it.

Thoughts or referral to a better forum to post this question?

Brian in San Antonio


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Aug 9, 2012
Saint Johns, FL
Is there a prime function for the LP genny's?

I don't know about their LP models.  My gasoline version needs a very long press of the prime more than 30 seconds....and even then it takes a lot more cranking that I feel like it should the first time firing t up after a long shutdown.... but I kinda feel like it's normal
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