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Jan 11, 2013
Hi, We have just purchased our very first Motorhome, a 2005 Winnebago Journey 36G - looking forward to our first trip out.
Would love to know if anyone can offer advice on mounting a motorcycle lift to the rear of the coach.  We would like to be able to combine our two loves, motorcycling and RVing.

Thanks for any and all info that you can provide -- We would be lifting a 2012 Harley Dresser approx 1000 lbs.

Thanks again - Jim and Sherry

Check your tongue weight rating for the hitch it may only be 500# also you will want to check the weights of the coach and see if it can handle the extra hanging off the back. You may well find that a small trailer would be the way to go.
Thats a lot to hang that far back. You could essily wind up with a light front end and poor handling.  I'd not try it on mine even if the weight were allowable (which I doubt for either of us).

As others have said, the weight could well be a showstopper. You need to consider the rear axle weight of the coach and whether adding the bike could push it beyond the GAWR. If you are considering a hitch-mount for the bike, the hitch carry-weight rating is also a factor if the bike is near 500 lbs. There are, however, nice frame mounted bike lifts you could use instead of the hitch mount type (for a price, of course). And finally, that much weight slung off the back will lift weight from the front axle, possibly enough to affect the alignment and maybe even the steering. A too-light front end can act really "squirrelly".

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