Put 5th wheel on jack stands for storage?

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Mar 2, 2006
I am getting ready to put my 5th wheel away for the winter storage (outside) for about 4 moths.
I have winterized it and taken out my batteries (and charged them).
Is it recommended to put the 5th wheel on jack stands?
Currently the 5th wheel in parked in a gravel driveway...if not jack stands, what else to do to save the tires, etc?
Do covers those covers over the tires do any good?
I see some folks put a tarp over their 5th wheel....what good does that do (it would be a bother to try and keep it covered in the winds)



May 31, 2006
I normally just put my front jacks down on some blocks.  Tires really do not need to be off ground, but do need to be covered to protect from UV rays.  I would not worry about the weight on the tires or axles unless storing for over a year.  Tarps are ok as long as you have ventilation under them.  Put blocks of wood on the roof and open a vent and window in the camper.  Last thing you want is condensation to form.
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