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Jun 2, 2006
Voorhees, NJ
I had a hard time determining if I should post this in here or the newbie section.? I have never been RVing.
How bad is the noise from the rain hitting the roof?? How bad does it get?? I know it depends on the rain, wind, and the particular model.? Was it louder then you expected??
I plan to buy a fifth wheel.? I got the bug.? Probably next year as I have lots of research to do. I planned a few rental trips later this year.? I lived on a boat for a month and loved it.? This to me is the same without the waves.? I am going to an RV dealer this Saturday and it might rain (oh I hope it does) but it probably won't.

Thank you,

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
It depends on the make & model, type of roof and the sort of rain you encounter. Tropical downpours make a lot more noise than northern drizzles.  And of course, what's your frame of reference? When do YOU consider something to be "noisy" as opposed to soothing background or "white noise".

It's noisier than a typical frame house, unless you happen to live in an attic. The roof is close to your ears and there is maybe 3-5 inches of material and insulation, depending on the quality of th emodel you buy. And lots of plastic skylights too and they transmit noise quite well.  But newer Rvs are much quieter than older ones were.

Besides, how often does it rain hard enough for noise to be a concern?



Moderator Emeritus
Feb 1, 2005
I like the noise of rain on the roof.  It is akin to white noise and masks any other noises that might disturb my sleep.  Of course, I also enjoy a good thunderstorm, :)


To me, it always sounds like it's raining harder or a lot more then it really is; but I like the sound.
Another consideration between RV'ing and living on a boat is you might not always be in as wet or rain prone environment as you were when you were on the boat. Plus, in an RV you can park in the trees therefore damping the noise if it bothers you. Last time I parked a boat in the trees my wife took a photo and has been torturing me with it ever since!
Bottom line; like most steady noises, you get used to it pretty soon.
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