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Bob Maxwell

Moderator Emeritus
Feb 1, 2005
Holbrook, Arizona
In '04, I determined to save up enough annual leave in '05 to be able to QZ and or Moab this year, 2006. . .

QZ, The Centermost in Estes Park, get-togethers in NC and NM have all been very special times for me. I can't wait to see your rig drive up to our driveway or to see  RVF flags waving in the breeze as I drive up. Your emails and forum postings make my day!

I miss those that have made their final trip, esp. Ed Juge, and those that have gone awol like Bill Scott and Gary Lee. They're still framily. Maybe Joe will get a little more active again since that's the only way we get to hear about Cricket!

'05 began well and my days of leave were adding up, dispite all this infernal juniper wood smoke that New Mexicans love to create in their fireplaces. Then, on March 3rd, my lungs filled up with fluid and sometimne during that I had a silent heart attack. 12 days in the hospital [Remember me getting on-line from there?] and then 4 weeks of recovery at home took away all my leave and sick days and se back my endurance. Dr's appointments keept eating into the leave days as soon as I would get 1 or 2.Then a scare kept me at home for a week and back to "0".

Our tradition of no vacations continued with Bev going to CO alone after memorial day for her annual board meeting. No Colorado Rockies for me. I did invest two days in the Cave Creek trip and it sure was worth it. I bet I got in over 12 hours of singing time! :D

I'm up to 6 hrs of sick leave and 4 days of annual leave as I've used both to maintain a great quality life here by taking care of myself, eating right, exercising, staying home when sick,and really enjoying life with Bev. And we're waiting and hoping for you to stop by 214 Horner St, east of Bel?n NM, across the Rio Grande. . . until that time whan one day we can make it to a rallie once again or I take my final run in the blue class B with the red cross on its side.

Take advantage of every opportunity you have to sit by a campfire with framily and othe rvers, and if you can't fo awhile, drop by the Virtual Campfire on Wednesday evening and we'll chat. Joe's tag has a lot of wisdom in it: "Live your dream, life is not a dress rehersa!"
Hi Bob,

You sure have had some challenges in the last year or so. I for one had forgotten how much of your vacation time had been used. Great observation re Joe's tag line - I've always liked that one.

With so many folks online here at QZ, maybe we can get a big gathering at the Virtual Campfire this evening. I'll ask Helaine to make a "please attend" announcement during our pre-dinner get together.

Anyone reading this and wishing to attend the VC, just click the Chat button above between 7.00pm and 8.00pm mountain time this evening, or any Wednesday. Bob will be there with the welcome mat rolled out.

Thank you very much for your inspiring message.  I do not know the details of your health situation but it sounds serious so you are very much in our prayers.  It also sounds like you are dealing with your health in a strong way, so good job on that Bob.

We acquired a new toy yesterday at the RV show.  It is a Direct TV DVR and we are having a lot of fun playing with it today.  But tonight we will put our toy aside and join you in the virtual campfire.  We have never attended one so this will be our first.  We always have wanted to, but for some reason, when Wed eve would roll around we would be caught up in life and not think of it as it had not yet become a habit.  But with 68 coaches here all doing the same thing this evening, we can hardly be distracted from it.  So count on us checking in for the first time this evening!  :D

We are indeed sorry you couldn't join us again this year, but you're not forgotten.  We will find our way to Belen again one of these days to enjoy a visit and meal with you and Bev once more.
Thanks, y'all.

Just ask Tom how to park your rig in our front drive --he figured out how to back in and have room for the toad detached as well.  ;D The blocks of wood for the lifters are in the juniper to the south -hopefully killing some of it!

Until then, see you on the forum, and
Bob Maxwell said:
Just ask Tom how to park your rig in our front drive

LOL Bob, I also managed to bend the rock guard behind the duallies on the coach. Also managed to confuse the mail carrier  ;D


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    We are missing you, Bev and Jayne Murray out here.  I have included pictures of each of you in this message so all can see how good you'all look.  We'll see you on the Campfire tonight.



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