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Nov 28, 2012
I have one of those Radio Ray Golight's on my MH that I would like to get working. I just purchased this MH and the spotlight is one of those things "to fix".
First off, I found the remote and the batteries were dead so I replaced them but when I press the off/on button nothing happens (the remote red light does not come on). I'm thinking I might need a new remote but I would like to see the spotlight burn first before I spend the money on the new remote.
I did crawl on the top and found where someone sealed the base and the spotlight together where it can't turn. The TV antenna and the satellite dish were sealed the same way, no way to turn them but to cut the sealant away from the pivot point.
Can you hear the turn motor hum when you press the remote?
I haven't heard it hum but I haven't been on the top with the remote. All I can get out of the remote is it will blink as soon as I push the left arrow button. If I push the off/on button or any other button I get nothing, no red light, no red light blink.

Sounds like the buttons on the remote are shot or dirty.  You could try taking the remote apart and cleaning buttons (may not be possible) or using something else to complete the button circuit...just to see if it'll work.
When you replaced the batteries did you clean the battery contacts in the remote?  If old dead batteries are left in the remote too long they can corrode the contacts. and unless they are gold the "oxcide" is non conductive. (and they are NEVER gold).
I did take the remote apart and it's a pretty simple circuit board. I'll look closely at the buttons and check the battery contacts. I can get a red light blink on the left and right arrow buttons but I think the instructions say the red light should stay on when you press the on/off button to power it up. Maybe I should start with the on/off button, lol
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