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Apr 28, 2005
Greenbrier, Arkansas
Hi everyone. Haven't been on here in a long time, but was cleaning out the motorhome over the weekend and ran across my old, really old, CompuServe forum flag so thought I would check in. Looking over the names of postings, I see a few "old timers" and a lot of new ones.

We're all fine. The cyber grandbaby Katie is doing great and headed for the 2nd grade this fall. She's one of the prettiest little girls you've ever seen so she obviously takes after her mom! Life in Arkansas is pretty good, but we miss all the conveniences of living in Dallas.

We just returned from 2 weeks in Utah. Had a great time camping, hiking, 4-wheeling, and touring several national parks. Really beautiful country.
You folks be safe out there!

Good to hear from you again, come around more often.? I'm sure many would like to see some pictures of our cybergrandbaby.? ?We have pictures from the party at Estes Park and your family in Dallas that year.


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Hi Ned, good to hear from you! Wow, that is an old picture. We really appreciated and used every single one of the presents and still have all of the blankets, etc.? That is still one of our fondest memories and one of the few times that I've been totally and completely surprised!

I'll be loading and editing our recent vacation pics this week so I'll be sure to pic a few for posting on here.
Hi Ken,

Glad to hear from you again, and that the girls are doing well.  Wow second grade already.  Please check in more frequently we do miss you all.

Great to see you back here in the virtual campground. Every day is a Framily reunion.

Sadly, Don Jordan died last winter and we're still missing Barb Barbara.

We've some wonderful new additions to the Framily I'm sure you'll like.

Our own family in 20 minutes grew leaps and bounds last December. Our oldest,
Scott, married Pilar. Pilar had two sons still at home13 & ( and an older son, Julio, so
3 new grandsons! Handsom, hardworking Julio is married to the beautiful Janet, so
one more grandaughter in lay and they have two little boys and a 11 month old
beautiful girl +3 great grand children!

20 MInutes, 6 hospital vists avoided.  ;D
Hi, Bob! Good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about Don's passing. And I still miss Barb too. She was an extraordinary, wonderful person. Along with the many conversations on here, I visited her and her husband in Surprise and of course spent time with them at several gatherings. She gave us a beautiful, hand-made nursery-rhyme quilt for Katie. We still have it hanging on the wall in her room so I think of her all of the time.

I've been meaning to post a few pics on here, but just haven't had the time. I really need to cut back on my work schedule.
Take care!
Finally got around to re-sizing and posting pics of the women in my life, including the quickly growing up cyber-grandbaby.


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