re-flooring an rv with slide outs

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Feb 22, 2013
hi everyone!
i am wondering something here? i re-floored my rv with nice wood-like flooring and it looks super nice. now, i also have a travel trailer with a large slide-out, where have i heard that you can't re-floor when there is a slide out and WHY? any ideas? i would like to remove the carpeting all throughout my travel trailer and replace the floors with something else..thank you!
It's not that you can't re-floor, you just have to be aware of some of the pit falls. One is that there has to be enough room under the slide for the new floor material. Since slide outs will often drag the bottom of the slide on the main floor, there has to be enough room to minimize this.  I re-floored a 5th wheel I used to own with bamboo flooring.  I tore out the existing carpet and cleaned the sub floor and applied the bamboo. 

The first time I ran the slide in, it dug a nice groove in one end of the floor where the slide contacted the bamboo.  It took a bit adjusting and filing every little possible rough spot on the bottom of the slide before I finally got it to clear the new bamboo.  Hard lesson learned. 
well color me HAPPY!
  if you can do it, i can do it too! i can't stand the carpeting on my travel trailer. it's a fairly new (2004) Sandpiper i bought used, the previous owners neglected the carpets and now they actually make the trailer smell.. i will start ripping it off now. thank you! did you have to crawl under the slide out? i am certainly not afraid to do that, i just need to know how you managed it. again: thanks you for your fast response..marie
When I did mine, I found that it dragged just a little. I found a nice carpet runner (2'x 10') area rug type, that I let the slide ride on when I close it. It also looks good when the slide is out!

It is an easy fix until I decide to tilt the slide and file down the rough spots.

I too have re-floored the main floor of my 5th wheel. The flush floor slides glide up and in on rollers and have not damaged the floor. I did use a piece of hardwood along the edge of the floor in front of the slides and tapered it so the slide comes up with damaging the edge of the added flooring. So far I have not done the floor of the slide itself as I am unsure of how to handle the fastening down down of the leading edge and disguising the 1" gap needed on a flush floor in order for it to come up and in. (I believe the leading edge on mine is a sheet of steel hence the fastening down puzzle.)

Yeah, mine was the same way. I decided to leave the carpet on the slide out.  The carpet on the slide was in much better condition that the carpet in the main area. It still looked nice. 
great ideas everyone! certainly makes me feel better about my quest... with some luck i believe i might get this done the right way. also, the bamboo flooring idea is very appealing to me since it will reflect more light into the trailer and brighten it somewhat. marie
Ernie has done this several times (from what I hear). Maybe he will drop by with some pro hints.

We put Pergo type in our class A (no slides). I used mastic instead of "floating" it and am very happy with it.
We put in Allure. One end of theslide dragged a little so we used piece of plastic runner under when moving the slide. It worked well and stored easily. Note we did cover the slide as well and used a piece of Allurefor for faceing.
I have now installed my new floors. Slide-out and all $600 including flooring and pads..I am so impressed with my floor guy! He did an exceptional job. It looks like a million bucks in here. All i have to add is this: if you have an improvement idea, by all means, research it and do it if you can! My travel trailer looks unbelievable! The changes allow for an increase in value, and by all means, i am living in it and i can't tell that I am in a trailer! It's more like a lil cabin or a granny's flat. Love it! Marie
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