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Aug 17, 2012
Richmond, Virginia
Hello to everyone. 2003 E 450 Four winds 5000 26Q. I purchase this RV used. The original coach 12V battery had been replaced with two 6V Trojans. I found them wrapped with duct tape and plywood in the original battery storage frame. The wiring was a can of worms. I pulled out the two batteries and traced all the wiring. I want to relocate  28 inches to the rear basement compartment. I'm already concerned about the weight and venting but have figured out how to fix that. Can anyone think of a good reason why I should not complete this relocation? Other that loosing storage space, looks like a good idea to me. Easy access.

Ron from Big D

Moderator Emeritus
Jan 30, 2005
Dallas, Texas
    When you coach was designed, the battery location and weight were an important consideration.  Have you weighed all four corners of your coach to determine the load distribution?  If not, then I suggest you do that before moving them.  I realize that just 2 batteries is not very critical, but consider the new location and the increased storage weight you intend to acquire.

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